Eyelid Lock Expert Slim

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Hara Eyelid Lock Expert Slim is eyelid tape designed for effortless result. Time constraints mean nothing when you’ve got this premium eyelid tape. Designed for immediate use, eliminating yet another step in the process, and with an adhesive strength like no other, keeping your lids the way you want it all day long.

A reliable pre-cut eyelid tape that gets you closer to the eye makeup of your dreams. Whenever you’re short on time and you need things fast and precise, Hara’s new Eyelid Lock Expert Slim is the heaven-sent answer to your prayers.

Eyelid Lock Expert Slim makes sure you finish with record speed, without compromising the end result. Best suited to professionals implementing eyelid stitching techniques, for weddings or big events. 

1 pack contains 240 Eyelid Lock Expert Slim

Product Size

Expert Slim

(L) 3,5cm (W) 0,3cm (H) 0cm

How To Use:

  • Gently and slowly peel the Eyelid Lock from the backing.
  • Apply Eyelid Lock on the right spot.
  • Gently press to ensure it sticks.
  • After, apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to complete the look.

Product Care:

Make sure to always place your Eyelid Lock back into its container to avoid having dust in the glue.

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