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Best FEMMUE Trial Kit 2022 - Beauty Studio Exclusive Bundle

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This bundle includes:

Lumière Vital C 5ml

Ideal Oil 5ml

3 Sachets FEMMUE (Glow Drops 1ml,  Rose Sleeping Mask 1ml, Lumière Vital C 1ml)


Turn back the hands of time and restore that radiance of youth. 

Serum that uses vitamin C derivatives that are stable and gentle on the skin. Helps even out skin tone, brightens dark spots, improves texture, becomes smoother and restores skin's youthful glow instantly.


Ideal Oil, just as the name suggests, is an ideal active oil (high concentration works like a serum in the form of Oil) and is the best example of how face oil should work on our skin. Enriched with 67% pure camellia oil from Jeju Island which is still not contaminated with pollution, it works with other super oils - Olive, Rose oil, Grapeseed & Jasmine and vitamin E which helps fight signs of aging and helps tighten the skin. With a light texture, it feels like a serum but is very rich in nutrients that absorbs into the skin instantly.


Glow Drops is a unique textured anti-aging serum which is a blend of Meadowfoam, Squalane, Niacinamide, Ceramide & Adenosine to keep skin hydrated, soft & healthy looking. These serums are formulated with Blue Emulsion Technology (Korean Patented Technology), to emulsify ingredients that are difficult to mix, namely water & oil.


A multifunctional mask that can be used as a moisturizer in the morning and a sleeping mask at night. Refreshing skin mask with its gel-like texture and Damask Rose content that cleanses and instantly moisturizes. While sleeping, this mask rejuvenates the skin so that when you wake up in the morning, your skin will feel supple and glowing.

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