TISH is derived from British words that means “STRONG WILL”. Founded by three woman who determine that true beauty are able to feel comfortable toward your own skin.  We strive to develop beauty needs that makes every woman experience the real beauty in theirself. We trust that bringing products with good quality is the most essential feature in beauty worlds.

TISH Co Founder is a professional makeup artist with more than 10 years’ experience in beauty industry. She knows that every woman want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful, thus she find a solution to make their life easier. By constantly challenge what women needs to make them more beautiful, she knows TISH would help to bring women’s skin to be finish.

We believe that not only quality but also innovation of the product will be crucial in helping consumer to discover what they needs.

 OUR Mission: We are the experts in inventing products that wearable and feeling right for the customer to use it.

 OUR Iconic Products: Our sponge - We are only producing the sponge with high quality material that makes the product can be used both dry and wet. You can even feel the softness and bounciness of the sponge when it dry. Though the sponge are great to be used wet. Made with an open cell structure we guarantees that your cosmetic can stay on the top of the sponge rather than being absorbed. Feel it the most light sponge you can ever touch with us.

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