AROMATICA has introduced EWG to Korea for the first time, acting as an EWG Safe Cosmetics Campaign Partner in the US Environmental Organization since 2009. As a result, the Korean cosmetics industry leaned to a positive influence and changed to safer ingredients, which opened a new era of cosmetics in Korea.

AROMATICA is registered as a partner of the Vegan Society, the world's oldest and most prestigious vegetarian organization. To uphold the respect for life, AROMATICA is cruelty-free, and strictly avoids anima-derived ingredients. AROMATICA selects natural and organic ingredients to deliver safe and authentic products.

In 2016, AROMATICA became the first Korean brand to receive U.S. EWG VERIFIED ™ certification. AROMATICA is committed to meet the standard of the purest and healthiest products and deliver a safer beauty care alternativeWe create effective, sustainable products to protect living things and the environment. We are passionately taking a stand to return the earth to its natural state, and to preserve and restore the planet. We are becoming a voice that can sharply shape the world by using our profits and sharing resources.

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