Westcare is a combination of the words West and Care. The word "West" means the raw material used. Because almost all ingredients used in our skincare range are imported from western countries, namely Europe. The word "Care" means we care about various Indonesian skin problems and strive to present solutions. We are committed to making high quality products at affordable prices. Therefore we do a long trial to develop Westcare products so that they are safe and effective on the skin.

And also we use pharma grade high quality water for making our product. higher standard than the one set by BPOM(Indonesia safety regulation for food and cosmetics), because the standard for cosmetics companies is just cosmetic grade water not pharma grade water that we use. This makes Westcare products high quality.

In addition, we are also committed to always using premium raw materials. We are confident that premium raw materials supported by our adequate production facilities, as well as professional workforce will produce Indonesian products of international standard.

Lastly, Our product is Halal, fragrance-free. Cruelty Free, Paraben free and also vegan so its save to apply in any type of skin, We make product that all people can buy so local price with international quality and we want Indonesia people proud with their own local brand.

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