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Serum Color Corrector

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The 2-in-1 acne fighting serum and color corrector formula containing Salicylic Acid (BHA) + Niacinamide is able to treat acne, reduce the appearance of redness and acne scars.

Key Ingredients:

Niacinamide: helps brighten and even out skin tone (clinically proven within 4 weeks), protects skin from blue light and 2.5 PM pollution

- Salicylic acid: helps relieve acne/acne scars, disguises the appearance of pores, and reduces oil on the face (sebum control)

- Lactic acid: NMF which helps provide extra moisture to the skin and evens out skin tone

- Chamomile extract & Allantoin: Soothes facial redness and maintains antioxidants in the skin

- Hyaluronic acid & Peptide: maintain skin moisture and elasticity

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically proven does not trigger redness, dryness, itching on the face, safe for all skin types, especially acne/oily skin

Non-comedogenic (Suitable for Acne Prone Skin)

- Dermatologically proven not to cause acne

- Dermatologically proven to reduce blackheads, acne pustules and papules

How To Use:

Use the applicator and then apply it under the eyes or on the part that you want to disguise.

Then, apply using your fingers or makeup tools (sponge, makeup brush) until evenly distributed.

Proceed to the next stage of make-up.

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