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Individual Pack Eyelashes Elated Flair 1.3

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This product is a highly recommended series for your daily natural look. Elated Flair Series can make the perfect look for you! These series apply to any shape of eyes and are proven to be super lightweight lashes, comfortable to wear, and one of the highest reusability among any other lashes. ELATED FLAIR 1.3 is the right choice for you who wish to look natural with your lashes.

Mini strip lashes superior glue performance included.

How to Use:

1. Remove the false lashes from their place.

2. Apply the eyelash glue thinly and evenly

3. Wait 5-10 seconds

4. Place the glued false lashes as close as possible to the top line of the real lashes.

5. Make sure the false lashes are properly attached.


Premium Skin Grade Natural Hair, Ultrasoft Flexible Ergonomic Band

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