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Brightening Sugar Wax

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"The first Sugar Wax that gives waxing a skincare feel with Niacinamide content that can brighten the skin. Waxing with mirael sugar wax is the best method of cleaning hair most effectively to the roots. Waxing can minimize further hair growth, brighten the skin and make the hair that grows later will be smoother and slower.

BPOM No: NA18210800043

Hero Ingredients: Niacinamide can brighten skin and even out skin tone

Benefit :

Brighten the skin to the maximum

Disguise black spots

Skin tightening

Moisturizing skin

Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive skin

How to use:

1. After sprinkling the powder, apply a thin layer in the direction of hair growth

2. Apply premium waxing strips, leaving 1cm -2 cm long for the tensile space & press for 5-10 seconds

3. Pull the strips in the opposite direction and apply quickly

Ingredients: Surcose , Aqua, Citric Acid ,Niacinamide, ci 16255, Aroma, ci 15985

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