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Incredibrow Brow Enhancer

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Incredibrow. #WeDrawBrows and be proud.

Incredibrow Brow Enhancer. Mad for Makeup introduces one of the first 1mm Eyebrow Pencils made from a formula that is easily applied and shaped that is able to emphasize and shape the eyebrows you like. The formula is paraben free, sweat resistant, hypoallergenic and contains Vitamins C and E for thicker eyebrow hair.

The packaging is retractable, equipped with a spoolie brush and 25% longer than other products. This eyebrow pencil has a natural color that can be used everyday. This product has halal certificate.

How to use :

Trim your eyebrows using a spoolie brush.

The eyebrow frame follows the original shape of the eyebrow.

Fill the middle to the brow tail, blend the base of the eyebrows to make it look more natural.

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