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Dear Me Beauty x KFC Perfect Eyebrow Contour

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Dear Me Beauty x KFC Perfect Eyebrow Contour is an eyebrow color with 2 features (pencil and mascara) that can draw eyebrows more precisely and neatly. With a new and perfect formula that produces high pigmentation and is easy to apply.

The brow mascara functions to make the eyebrow shape last longer, and gives the effect of thicker eyebrow hair so it looks more natural.

Available in two shades: Granite Gray and Downtown Brown.

How to use:

Step 1. Draw the edge or frame of the eyebrow shape using a pencil and fill in the center of the eyebrow by following the direction of the eyebrow hair.

Step 2. Comb the eyebrows using brow mascara in one direction from the bottom up, the eyebrows will look neater and thicker but still natural.

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