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Studio Tropik x Archangela Chelsea Glaze Skin Precious Oil

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Glaze Skin Precious Oil is a special blend of superfood ingredients. Rich in antioxidants to brighten and maintain skin youthfulness. Get the "Glaze Skin Effect" a'la Archangela Chelsea to make skin and make-up look effortlessly glowing. Can be used with or without make-up -up (see instructions for use).

Contains Superfood Ingredients:

Japanese Camellia Oil & Pink Oil (Magnolia Berry, Gardenia Fruit, Turmeric, and Purple Gromwell)

Has the benefits of being a “Make-up Complexion Booster”, namely:

Special formula that absorbs quickly & does not make make-up slide (non-greasy)

Pro MUA-approved: Suitable for use with make-up (can be mixed with foundation)

Helps make-up stick to the skin, especially on dehydrated skin

As a skincare, you have the following benefits:

Rich in superfoods and antioxidants

Locks in skin moisture

Helps brighten skin

Helps maintain skin youthfulness


This product:

0% Alcohol & Fragrance

MUA-approved Pro & Make-up Newbie-friendly

Registered with BPOM

Can be used by pregnant women, busui & teens

Cruelty Free

How To Use:

As a Skincare: Apply directly to the face at the face oil stage, or use the scrambled oil method (mix Glaze Skin Precious Oil as needed in the toner/moisturizer)

As a Glow Booster: Mix Glaze Skin Precious Oil + foundation to get extra glaze, as well as a more natural and radiant coverage (Recommended ratio Oil: Foundation = 1 drop: 2 pumps)


Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Camellia japonica seed oil, Candida bombicola/Glucose/Methyl Rapeseedate ferment, Oryza sativa (rice) germ oil, Bisabolol, BHT, Gardenia jasminoides fruit extract, Schisandra chinensis fruit extract, Curcuma longa (turmeric) root extract, Lithospermum erythrorhizon root extract, Tocopherol

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