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Realfood Ever Glow is a Semi Concentrated Bird's Nest Concentrate Program with Dates Extract. Dates have the ability to increase energy due to their content which is rich in carbohydrates and fiber. Dates are digested slowly so they can maintain energy throughout the day.

Realfood Ever Glow is ideal for daily consumption with the family, it is also safe for consumption when fasting. The content of swallow's nest is well absorbed on an empty stomach. The content of dates also protects the gastric mucosa, ideal for consumption to start the day. Dates are one of the natural purifications so they can also be used as a proper fast opening.

Sialic acid in semi concentrated bird's nest helps maintain the immune system and body metabolism. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) stimulates cell division and growth and promotes tissue regeneration and growth, thereby inhibiting premature aging.

Please consume within 24 hrs after opening.

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