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Bamboo Cotton Buddies

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 Introducing Bamboo Cotton Buddies, your new eco-friendly cotton buds with dual tip!

We ain’t perfect, but we knew we had to use less plastic if we wanted to make cotton buds.  So we challenged ourselves & found that Naturally Sustainable Bamboo was perfect.  Because, doesn’t a 100% Bamboo cotton bud, that’s softer, stronger & earth friendly, sound better? Enjoy Rebels!

Softer, Stronger, & Nature Friendly.

Dual Sided : sharp and round tip, for multi-use (cleaning your ear, your eyeliner, your sin, or anything you want!)

Naturally Sustainable Bamboo

Contain: 100 pcs

100% Bamboo

100% Biodegradable 100% Cotton

Precise & Soft Sides

No animal Cruelty

PS: different packaging colour doesn't indicate different type of cotton buds

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